As part of the 'Customer Journey' on our Taylor Wimpey home, they explain that the "dedicated Customer Relations Manager carries out a final comprehensive check of your new home" prior to it being released for completion. 

The inference is that you don't need an external Snagging Survey as it is all taken care of by your friendly corporate builder.

What would you add to this process? Would you come in after the internal checker has done their check?
Hi Neil. Thanks for your post. Whilst it would be improper to make comment on the thoroughness of the Taylor Wimpey process, it is a common stance that builders have to say that our service isn't needed. This is to prevent extra work.
Generally speaking, the aspect to consider is that the last stages of a builder's snagging process is focused on the internal paintwork and other minor issues. Whilst we also check this, the difference is we have tools and knowledge that goes beyond this which is why we often spot major things missed. We spend on average 3-4 hours in a house whereas a builder's internal snag inspection at the last stage takes less than 20 minutes. Even the NHBC process at the last stage is very brief in comparison. 
The array of checks that we carry out is unmatched by any builder or other snagging company you could look at getting. We do offer a re-inspection service if required but if you are considering this then I would suggest the full package option which for not much more gets 3 inspections (completion, post snag circa 3 months & 18 months) as well as a thermal inspection in the winter.
I hope this helps. For more info about why to choose us see: