hi, we bought through Barratts and paid for tiling throughout kitchen and dining room. Before we moved our furniture in, we noticed the flooring (particularly in the dining area) wasn’t Level. The site manager told us it was in tolerance. Long and behold we trusted him and moved in but the table and chairs rock. Is there any recompense for this? - we paid several thousands extra and feel cheated. Thanks - Faye+ Dan
Hi Faye & Dan,
There are tolerances to the floor level set by the NHBC that you check for using a 2m level and it is seeing how many mm it deviates by. See the screen shot from the NHBC 2018 guidelines regarding this. There are additional tolerances to tiles since flooring that is not flat can cause tiles to lip.
There is a difference between flat and level, and the former is worse especially in dining rooms because that is when tiles lip.  The difference is essentially whether the straight edge level see-saws or just has a flat but unlevel gradient; and by the sounds of it with your table and chairs rocking it sounds like it is not flat and probably out of tolerance. The only remedy is to remove tiles, apply a self level screen and relay tiles. They may only do this to the area out of tolerance but the issue unless you have spare tiles is matching the same tile batch. You have to use a level to check so don't just take their word for it being in tolerance levels if they are just looking at it!
Builders should apply a second layer screed that self levels if they know that tiling or any hard floor type is being laid to avoid issues like this. If you need to book us to come and look at this plus other shortfalls in workmanship please get in touch to book.