I wondered if it was worth having a report done now after moving in Xmas 2017. I wanted to get a snagging report done around move in time but my wife wasn't convinced. So, 7 months down the line we've a number of snags outstanding, from painting never being finished to flooring cracking open to show the DPM in doorways. Would a snagging report through home snag be worthwhile at this point? I want to make the the correct remedial work is done on the floor and not some bodge by the builders contractors.



The answer to your question is yes, it is valid and worthwhile. I am not just saying this so that you book with us of course(!) as frankly we often have to turn away people that are outside of the builder's warranty. Depending upon your builder, the NHBC (or similar insurance company) provide a 10 year warranty but it is the builders 2 year warranty that is crucial.

Our main aim is to raise issues out of tolerance to ensure they have no option other than remedy it. Please be aware however that after this length of time since completion, we will not be raising minor issues of plaster / paintwork. This is for 2 reasons: firstly your builder are highly unlikely to come back and address paintwork, and the second reasons is fresh paint may make it worse (by creating patches on the wall). Other than if you had particularly horrendous plastering, I'd unfortunately say 'the ship has sailed' as far as getting your paintwork resolved is concerned.
In lieu of this when we go at the 2 year pinnacle point, we can do the cavity wall insulation for free as part of the service. These of the sort of checks that are more important to do of course.

The exception to the rule is cracks and other settlement issues which we would still raise as well as other issues we have the eye and tools to find.

If you have any questions further to this then please feel free to post on here or call our office 0203 1301427. Many thanks, Tom - HomeSnag