I’m currently in the process of buying a New Build House. I am very interested in going for your Full Snagging Package.

However, I wanted to get your advice on if it would be worth getting a HomeBuyers Report done aswell? 

I’m not sure at the moment as I know your Full Package Service is really comprehensive but for peace of mind I thought it might be best to do both considering it’s such a big purchase. 

During your snagging inspection do you cover most things that the HomeBuyers Report would list and comment on?

Is there anything you don’t inspect which the HomeBuyers would cover?

What would you advise? Stick with just a Snagging Inspection or also go with a HomeBuyers Survey?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, thanks for your patience for our response during this busy period. A homebuyers survey is typically for older properties rather than new build properties.
The two are very different in approach - a snagging survey focuses on quality of workmanship, compared to that of a traditional building survey which will only account for the more major concerns associated with older properties.  Your new build property will typically have a 10 year warranty by the likes of the NHBC. Their inspector[s] go around at several stages of the build to ensure it adheres to building regulations and their tolerances; this for the most part therefore removes any need for a traditional building survey. The only aspect they do not spend much time on is the quality, which is where our survey comes in.
I hope this helps. Thanks for reaching out to us and feel free to call or email for a quicker response next time. Best wishes