Good evening. I hope you or someone on the forum may be able to help? I have for the first time gone into the loft (moved in a few months ago) and found that the timber appears quite damp. I have attached a photo of it. If you can advise that would be greatly appreciated. Best wishes, Ron
Hi Ron, Thanks for your patience during this busy time for us. It is quite common for customers to spot condensation to be found in the loft especially this time of year. Condensation occurs when moisture-laden air hits cool surfaces, so typically customers worry why they see more condensation on the sarking felt. I note that you are concerned about it being the timber but I am pretty certain this moisture if also from condensation rather any sort of damp (penetrating being the most likely... but you'd likely easily see in the loft if rain water is getting in).
The insulation on the boards are of course insulating the bedrooms rooms underneath rather than the loft which is the cooler area it is attracted to. Ventilation is not actually the primary remedy for this; ventilation only really helps reduce condensation in heated spaces such as kitchens. If ventilation on its own could prevent condensation, there would never be any dew forming on your lawn this time of year. Hopefully that makes sense.
There is realistically only one remedy which is draping a sheet of polythene loosely across the joists, before fitting the insulation. This is something we never find done due to cost, but should sort it if this worries you.