My neighbours mentioned my air bricks on the house are covered over and I don't know what this means / what the problem will mean long term? If anyone can help I'd appreciate it as Barratts aren't responding
Hi Emily
Thanks for posting - The purpose of airbrcks is to allow sufficient ventilation underneath the floor and there are 2 potential issues which is why the guidelines are 150mm above ground level. Firstly there is the issue of rain back-splashing into them, which is why it is worse for airbricks to be low on hard surfaces such as driveways. The second issue is foliage blockages, so even if around mulch boundaries (which aren't as likely to get water back splashes) it is likely to have plant leaves block it. If you have any pictures we can help a little more. If Barratt do not do anything about it, we can advise the best way to prevent issues