I am considering the full package but wanted to know if you would be able to advise me about my garden, the flat roof, wonky walls, design aspects, parking area issues and electrical points.
Can you also explain what the Borescope inspection is for?
On the full Package will I get bound reports for all 3 inspections?
Hi Jaime,
We inspect the garden with the outlook of fencing, soil consistency and anything that worries us such as gradient. We aren't able to check drainage however. Yes we are able to inspect the flat roof and wonky walls. We do not check the property according to the plans, if that's what you are wondering as far as design aspects? But we do raise poor design issues where it affects functionality. We check plug sockets are correctly wired and positioned according to building regs.
The borescope inspection is to check the cavity wall insulation. It often is found to have voids, or even on occasions missing altogether! It is a camera that we insert into the wall (externally) and is the most practical way to spot check for issues. But of course as part of the full package you also get the thermal camera survey which checks for other areas of heat loss.
The bound copy is typically only produced for the 1st inspection because it will be the benchmark for the site to work on. It is the largest document that we'll produce of course, but if you want any of the others bound then just ask.. But for the thermal report this will only typically be half a dozen pages so not really needed.
I hope that all answers your questions. Please feel free to pop us an email for quicker responses to info@homesnag.co.uk or phone our office
Thanks for reaching out to us and we hope to inspect your house soon!