HI, the main issue in my new build house is that i have a bunch of damp spots inside on one wall which is an external rather than internal partition.  It looks like a football has been kicked against the plasterboards. I tried to take a picture but you cant quite make it out. Is this something anyone / snagging guys have come accross before? The spots are pretty evenly spread accross the wall and go up the stairscase so I can't imagine its rising damp?
thanks for any help, I cant seem to find answers on internet. Tom
Hi Tom. We have come across this a few times and it is likely the moisture transfer of the dot and dab application of plasterboard. The plasterboards internally are stud whereas plasterboard is attached to external walls with with large "dots" which you are seeing.. the fact you are saying it is only happening on external wall and in a "non-random" manner makes me confident it is no other form of damp. It may take a while to dry out, as there is a lot of moisture that'll be in the blocks. The plaster and paintwork will most likely need redecorating afterward but worth waiting until its dried out properly.