I'm currently approximately 3 weeks from completion on a property by Abbey Developments Ltd who seem to have answered most other peoples snagging issues by claiming the work is "within allowable tolerances".  We've therefore been advised to get a snagging inspection from a surveyor who's work is accepted as evidence in court.  If we end up being yet another of Abbey's customers faced with having to resort to legal action to get our snagging fixed, then please could you confirm whether we would be able to use the report you produce in a court claim, as evidence of substandard work which is indeed not to allowable tolerances?
Thank you.
Good morning and thank you for your patience waiting for a response. In our report we do raise issues within tolerance as well as those that are not. When we are confident the issue is out of tolerance we include the NHBCs relevant section to emphasise it. Our reports have been used in court before (and have been successful to my knowledge) partly because they have time stamped pictures which is useful for a 3rd party to understand the issue. But we must say as a caveat that tolerances can be subjective depending on the issue so we cannot provide any guarantee it will hold up on this basis alone. 
It most certainly would be the best report you can use to prove substandard work but the point is that the tolerances and building regulations do not actually cover everything; the rest of the issues we take a view of whether it should and could be made better according to quality of workmanship. I hope that helps and please feel free to reach out to us again if you need anything clarifying in haste of your completion.