So, I am about to complete on a new build property. Not only is the development 15 months late, and they have not put in my built in wardrobes that are clearly on the plans...but I went to do the snagging and it looks like it's years old already. I tried contacting the company the developers have their warranty under but they said it's snagging issues and they don't deal with that. So I called NHBC, they said the developers are not registered with them. I don't know where to turn next? I have included some pictures. 1.jpg  2.jpg  3.jpg  4.jpg  7.jpg  10.jpg  12.jpg  15.jpg  16.jpg
Hello, apologies for the delay. Some of these issues are classic settlement issues: namely the cracks around the window reveals are normal for a house that has been sat for a few months. The guidelines are typically 3mm for cracks which is why the warranty company say it is not their remit. 
Most large developers have the Nhbc or the labc inspect and sign off their houses, but smaller builders tend to with a smaller company. There are a number of warranty companies they could have employed and the reason they may not have given you their details is because they have likey not signed the house off yet. 
You should be given the warranty details in the handover paperwork. The rest of the issues are typical snagging issues, and you need to ascertain timescales they will resolve issues for you. Some builders say a matter of just a few days after completion whilst others say several months. Get this in writing and our best advise (if you are not booking with us) is to get these sort of photographs time stamped. Whilst it is obviously poor materials and workmanship, you'll be surprised what some builders try and deny responsibility for. 
Importantly, if you do nothing else my best advice is to speak to your solicitor and stress that you will not complete until you know the warranty details / retainer to account for shortfalls in workmanship